Prostitution Reform

IWhy campaign for reform now?
Recent articles in the Times and the BBC have suggested that the use of prostitutes in the UK has doubled since 2000. This increase in demand has led to , the numbers of women being trafficked from Europe, Africa and the Far East and being held in sexual slavery in the UK increasing. 

Blackpool's sex trade: Balancing act for officers
POLICE in Blackpool say they face a difficult task helping and supporting working girls – at the same time minimising prostitutes’ impact on communities.

This website believe it is time for the UK government to act to stamp out sexual slavery. Research has been undertaken which categoricallt proves a connection between prostitution and human trafficking. But the government’s current initiatives to combat sex slavery does nothing to assist those caught up in the human slavery nor help currnet sex workers.

This website aims to explain why the UK’s current prostitution laws have contributed to the increase in “punters” and the increase in trafficked women and why the laws must be changed to reverse this devastating development.

"It takes a village to create a prostitute."


sexual harassment
verbal abuse
domestic violence
a racist practice
a violation of human rights
childhood sexual abuse
a consequence of male domination of women
a means of maintaining male domination of women
all of the above?



Please read the measures in the International Prostitute's Collective's Bill from the point of view of women’s safety and of legal rights.  It has been claimed that ‘tackling the demand’ by criminalising men who buy sexual services will increase safety, and the spectre of trafficking has been used to stifle debate and hide the evidence that points to the contrary.

News 2011: The very first man to be convicted of trafficking females from inside f the UK, in a case involving 2 Nigerian girls, has been jailed.

BBC News - Man jailed for trafficking Nigerian girls out of UK